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Kelly Cirone running on a wooden trail on a crisp fall day

Yogi in the Forest: How Yoga Can Improve Your Trail Running Experience

There are a zillion reasons why yoga is great for runners. Postural yoga teaches practitioners to move with both agility and stability, cultivate deep core strength, and hone flexibility by exploring the movements of the joints. Postures that work the feet, lower legs, hamstrings and glutes are particularly useful for runners, even though those are the ones they often struggle with. Read More >

A volleyball in a sand court on a sunny day

Sand Volleyball 101

Are you looking to get away from your usual routine, mix it up with a new physical pursuit—while relaxing with friends, sipping a cool adult beverage, and burying your feet in the sand? Then sand volleyball might be just the sport you need. Read More >

Confident City Cycling

One of the simplest things you can do to improve your health is replace car trips with bike rides. Driving is a stressful, dangerous activity known to increase blood pressure and anxiety. Read More >