Be a Better Trail User

Every day, more runners and cyclists discover the bliss that comes with stepping off the pavement onto dirt trails. The Kansas City area bursts with trails, lovingly built by volunteers, just waiting to be discovered. But there’s one thing to keep in mind: Here in the Midwest, our trails are easily damaged if used when muddy. So, before you venture out for your next adventure on the singletrack, be sure to check the trail’s status.

A person running on a well-kept trail
Photo by Rick Mayo / Mile 90 Photography

This is easily accomplished by visiting the Urban Trail Co. website, Their homepage lists the local trail conditions of 22 trails in the area. You can also use the RainoutLine app (find it on the Google Play or App Store) and search for Urban Trail Co. Or call 913-204-0204. Or check @KCTrailsStatus on Twitter.

Remember, if a trail is closed, it is closed to all users—hikers, runners, and mountain bikers. Be a better trail user and know the trail conditions before you go!