About REC Midwest

REC Midwest is the voice of our area’s sports and recreation community. This quarterly publication understands that there are many communities of active, like-minded people out there: running, cycling, hiking, softball, soccer, yoga, CrossFit, pickleball, dodgeball, and more. We all have different ways of expressing our need to keep moving, while also cultivating roots within a social group. REC Midwest is the place where all those varied communities can come together and learn more about themselves, and one another. It’s the place where you can hone your skills, grow as an athlete, share your accomplishments, and celebrate another athlete’s success.

About the Editor

Kristi Mayo is the publisher and editor of REC Midwest. She grew up exploring the outdoors around her rural home in Kearney, Missouri, and found the running community when she joined the high school cross-country team. She played recreational co-ed indoor soccer during college, then found trail and ultrarunning, and recently took up cycling. Along the way, Kristi has delved into all things creative, including sports photography—and has published several magazines, ranging from a hometown community publication, to a trade magazine for law enforcement. Click here to email Kristi.